2018 Efua Sutherland Park Christmas Festival

The Happy Life  Christmas Festival aims to bring families together for a holiday experience, in a very unique Ghanaian cosmopolitan way.

Nothing brings community (family and friends) together like the Christmas season. Family member abroad makes sure to come home for the celebration; we get in touch the ones we haven’t seen for a while, just because it is that season!

Venue: Efua Sutherland Park

Dates: 24th December – 26th December, 2018


Families are becoming increasingly fragmented. Our rapidly evolving world is affecting our domestic lives and as a result there have been shifts in the family structure and how its members interact.

Families are spending less time together because of the demands of modern life. When they do get together, most of the time is spent in silence in front of the TV, smartphones and tablets.

Families are becoming increasingly anxious about not spending enough time with their loved ones. There is a sense of urgency in trying to arrange ways of spending more time together and make every family moment more memorable.


This event is about creating great memories once every year; in order to do so, we have lined up two categories of activities which would be the hallmark of the event and help create those exciting family moments.

The Given activities would run throughout the entire duration of the festival period.

The Themed activities would be specific to certain days to up the ante throughout the festival and also create variety for patrons.

Parents Corner!

Not to be left out, we would also have an exclusive parents area which would include a rejuvenation spa area, soccer screening area, alcohol and smoking section

Children  Fun Area:

This activity area would run throughout the festival period. Bumper Cars, Mini Airplanes, Themed parks, Bouncy Castles, Obstacle courses and many more fun attractions to allow kids be kids.

Vendors area:

Our guarantee during the festival would be to ensure that we provide the best sales experience for Christmas gifts.

Our carefully selected vendor partners would offer exclusive deals that would only be available at this exclusive event.

We are committed to providing

exceptional value for our partners and sponsors.

Our unique


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advantage is our willingness and enjoyment integrating your brand and ideas in a bespoke way to ensure that we achieve mutual benefits.

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