2019 James Town Art Festival

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James Town Arts Festival
The concept for James Town Arts Festival was born out of Act for Change’s specific
knowledge of the James Town creative community, and our nuanced understanding
of social issues our community faces, specifically unemployment and stigmatisation.
As an organisation we are well aware of the problematic level of unemployment in
James Town and have noticed that James Town’s creative community is often at a
disadvantage in terms of access to personal and professional development, given
the lack of funding and resources available in what is a low-income area. Therefore,
our creative community often finds it hard to break into more mainstream arts
events such as Chale Wote or the Craft Markets at the Goethe institute, despite
their obvious talent.
James Town Arts Festival therefore aims to address these twin issues, of
unemployment and industry marginalisation, by celebrating our vibrant and
innovative creative community. By prioritising James Town-based artists and
artisans, we will create a festival that is not only in James Town, but of James
Town, inspiring local youth to engage with creative industries as a route into
With the support of some companies specifically Acrilex, Accra Brewery, James
Town Community Theatre Centre and some individuals, we had a successful Arts
Festival last year with over 500 patrons/visitors from James Town and beyond. We
acknowledge the efforts and support we received from all and are grateful.
We had lots of positive feedback from the patrons mostly from the community
members and we are working hard for a bigger and better festival in 2018. We look
forward to bringing on board many artists and artisan’s majority of which will be
from James Town.


Festival Programme
The Festival is scheduled to be held on 13
th April, 2019 at the James Town
Community Theatre Centre. It will open with a live painting/graffiti performance
from James Town local artists like Hamid Nortey, Ishmoto, etc at 10am and
conclude with a headline live-music performance by local afro-pop sensations
Yogendra & the Neighbours and Seyram at 6pm. The festival will include live music
performances from local artistes, contemporary dance groups, a reading session
and play area for children, traditional cultural troupes, poetry, arts and photo
exhibition, face paintings, boxing bouts (exhibition fights), theatre performance by
Act for Change and spaces for local creative businesses like clothing and jewellery.
The festival grew consistently each year, allowing us to add more activities over
time, such as: the reading session for children and boxing.




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