Niinns Billboards Advertising

We Have Billboards At

Osu RE》ghc9x6 m portrait = ghc 48000 per Anum 

37 Hospital 》 8x5m portrait = ghc18,000 per anum

9x6m portrait = ghc21,600 per Anum 

Legon 》9x6m portrait = ghc21,600 per Anum 

Madina 》 9x6m portrait = ghc21,600 per Anum

Adenta Police Station 》 9x6m portrait  = ghc21,600

Spintex 》 5x10m landscape = ghc24,000 per Anum 

9x6m portrait = 24,500 per Anum 

8x5m portrait = 20,400per Anum 

6x3m portrait = 12,000 per Anum (both sides available = ghc16,800 per anum)

TESHIE BEACH ROAD 》9x6m portrait = ghc21,600 per Anum (both sides available =ghc36,000 per Anum) Skype It’s free!

Phone +233243132337

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