Mobile Car Detailing & Valeting Specialists

Niinns Detailing Valeting

Mobile Car Detailing & Valeting Specialists We Offer A Wide Range Of High Quality Detailing And Valeting Services Designed To Meet The Customers Needs.

  1. Steam Car Exterior & Interior Detailing
  2. Steam Engine Detailing
  3. Alloy Rim Detailing
  4. Headlight / Tail light Polishing
  5. Car Body Dent and Crush correction
  6. Car Body Spot Spraying
  7. Car Body Paint Waxing
  8. Car Body Paint Correction
  9. Micro Scratch Removal
  10.  Car Spraying
  11. Leather Seat Reconditioning

Mobile Car Detailing & Valeting Cars Bodywork will be protected against, UV Rays, Bird Droppings, Acid Rain, Tree Sap, Road Grime, Colour Fading & it will also make it Easier to Clean! The Fabric & Leather Protection are both great for a Stain Free surface, protecting your interior against Liquid Spills, Food Stains, UV Rays and Odours.

Niinns Ventures

Nii Nortei Nortey

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Office Location: Nortei Transformers Junction Legon ByPass  West Lands Boulevard  Pappao Village  Accra           GHANA,

Digital Address: GE 315 – 0240 |

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  1. What is Traffic Film?
    Traffic film is more than just mud and soil that all vehicles accumulate, particularly through the winter months. Consider some of the other things that your average car, lorry, coach and bike are exposed to on a typical journey:

    Contaminants from other vehicles – these can include:
    Unburnt fuel
    Fuel Additives
    Soot & Coke
    Brake Dust
    Contaminants from the road itself – things such as:
    More oil
    Cement Dust

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