Niinns Ventures Ferries Charter.

Niinns Ventures Boat Yacht Passenger Ferries Charter.

Brokerage Services. Vessel Management. Ferry Scheduling.

Ticketing and Reservation System, Vessel Security Plan,Insurance Programs and Crew Training.

Niinns Ventures have passenger Ferries Commercial Vessels and Power Boats On sale.

Niinns Ventures partners have Ghana and other costal Africa Nations on “our radar”.

Africa and a domestic water taxi services from Tarkoradi to Tema

Professionals on Yachting World

[Branding Ghana A Destination For Cruise Ships Join G+ community Africa Cruise Travel. Ghana To South Africa Ghana To Morocco.]

[ Volta Lake Water Taxi System]

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Phone +233243132337


Office Location 17th 3 Lane Kuku Hill Osu Beach Front Office [Osu Beach]

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