Niinns Ventures is in the business of Africa cruise shore excursion adventures and entertainment ashore.

Niinns ventures a multimedia entertainment specializing in
A) Production management. B) Event management and media & public
Niinns ventures is led by a conscientious team of visionaries, who are
driven by excellence, and have established themselves as key figures in
Core offerings include:
Production /Event Management:
• Venue Acquisition:
? Performance of site–surveys
? Negotiation of venue contracts
• Vendor Negotiations:
? Hiring and negotiation of local on-ground crew to provide production
? Securing of production facilities and equipment for production staff
and crew as specifically identified by client.
? Securing catering vendors for production.
? Securing of specifically identified technical equipment required for
event or production.
• Travel Management:
? Securing and negotiation of hotel, car rental and ground
transportation vendors for non-local crew and staff.
? Management of all aspects of travel for non-local staff and crew
? Document processing
• Consultation:
? Cultural diplomacy: Consultation on political and cultural protocol
? Acquisition of all permits.
? Administrative and logistical consultation.
• On-site Production coordination
? Development of production schedules
? Coordination of departmental meetings
? Coordination of production / event activities
• Financial Management:
? Budget preparation and presentation
? Management of local production costs
? Post-production reconciliation of expenses
PR & Media Consultation:
• Organization of Press Launches
• Media Coordination and facilitation
• Development of local press material
• Speech Writing
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